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I hope that you find the following information on regalia helpful.   Hunnikick lodge is located in Southern New Jersey so we base our regalia on Lenape/Northeast Woodland traditions.


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Lenni Lenape Specific
Lenape Timeline
Lenape Links
Lenape History
Region 1a
Region 1b
Delaware Men


General Costuming
How to make leggings How to make Leggings II  
Bear Claw Necklaces* Heddle Loom Beadwork*
Computerized Beading Design* Iroquois Clothing *
Conventional Loom Beadwork * Moccasin Handout*
Finger Weaving* Old Style Outfits *
Flat & Wing Fan Construction* Osage Ribbonwork *
Fur Turbans* Parfleche Construction*
Hand Items  & Shields* Plains War Bonnets*
Headdress Overview*

Porcupine Hair Roach*



Dance, Songs & Etiquette

Dance Team Creation*
Gourd Dance Overview*
Grass Dance Outfits*
Iroquois Music & Dance*
Northern Singing *
Powwow Etiquette*
Powwow Planning*
Straight Dance*
Tipi  Life & Etiquette*